Tuesday, 16 June 2015

10 Things Tuesday

As I sat down to plan this week's posts, I realized that I never shared a proper introduction post. I know that many of you have followed me from my Tumblr blog (thank you!) but for any lone new readers who may be out there, I would like to welcome you with a real intro to my little corner of the web. Ready for 10 fast facts about me? Here we go!

1) I am 30 years old and relish in the fact that my husband will always be a few months older then me.

2) My husband is named Mike and we met in university, although we didn't start dating until after we graduated. We've been married for almost four years which at times feels like four months and other times feels like 40 years.

3) We live in Toronto in an older home that we have spent a ton of time renovating and decorating to fit our tastes which is mostly white, white and more white. I am obsessed with having a bright house, even more so now that I'm home all the time.

4) Molly May is our four year old yellow lab and the first baby in our family. We adopted Molly from the Humane Society and she is the sweetest and gentlest pooch. The last few months have been an adjustment for her but we're going our best to keep her included.

5) Henry is our sweet baby boy who was born at the end of April. There are no words to describe the love that I have for this little man.

6) I was lucky enough to have an easy pregnancy but getting pregnant did take us some time, I am always envious of those couples who are able to plan their pregnancies to the month! We certainly did luck out with timing though as I am loving having a spring baby.

7) In Canada we are entitled to one full year of paid maternity leave which is such a blessing.  I do miss work though and I love staying in touch with my colleagues. I'm a Senior Consultant at a large PR agency where I work with a range of consumer clients. Events are my absolute favourite part of the job but I do it all!

8) Mike and I love to travel and we did our best to get some good trips in before having a baby - some highlights include Hawaii, the Amalfi Coast and many weekends in NYC!

9) Both of our families live in Toronto which is wonderful as we get to see them regularly and they are such a big part of Henry's life which I love. He already recognizes his two Grandmas.

10) I have an amazing group of girlfriends and while I'm the first to have a baby, they are incredibly supportive and the best surrogate aunties to baby Henry.

There you go friends, probably more information than you ever wanted to know about me but at least we have the awkward introductions out of the way!

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