Thursday, 11 June 2015

Baby Talk: Henry's 6 week update

Sorry folks but for the next little while, every Thursday is going to focus on baby Henry and his weekly milestones. This is after all a mommy blog! But don't worry, I can't let Henry have all the attention so I'm also going to share a few points about how I'm adjusting to mommy hood.

Week six was a big one around here as Master Henry started smiling AND he slept through the night for the first time!!! I am counting 9 - 5 as "through the night"for this little guy. Ironically, it was also the first night that Mike ever put him to bed alone… of course! 

In other big news, we transitioned Henry from the swaddle to the sleep sack. It felt early but the little guy had been busting out of the swaddle daily so I didn't see a point in continuing to force it. We had one rough night but otherwise he is loving having his arms out. We use these sleep sacks (Wal Mart for the win!) and Henry loves being lulled to sleep by the Fisher-Price Aquarium, we use it before every nap and bedtime. I better start buying batteries at Costco.

This week Henry started using his Baby Bjorn mini bouncer chair and he seems to really love to bounce himself in the chair. I love how sleek the design is and the fact that it can be easily moved around the house. Great addition to our daycare, I mean living room, decor. The Fisher-Price swing is still our go to when Henry is tired or fussy as it instantly lulls him to sleep. The Skip Hop activity gym is also a big hit, he has started to reach for the toys which is so cute to see!

In terms of postpartum recovery, I am feeling great! I was given clearance to start exercising again and I celebrated with a 3-mile run which felt like a marathon. My core muscles are shot, my pelvic floor is incredibly weak and my cardio is brutal - all to be expected after pregnancy but wow, the struggle was real. Since my run, I have taken a couple spin classes which I loved and the impact on my body was minimal so I plan on continuing to go a few times a week. I do still plan on running but I need to be realistic, it is going to be a long road back to my sub-8 minute mile pace.

I do plan on sharing a full post on my postpartum fitness plans next week so stay tuned! There may be some measurements involved… provided I don't chicken out.

Sorry for boring you all with so much copy and so many photos - can you tell I'm a first time mom? Ending things with a selfie, a mirror that needs to be cleaned (again!!) and a cameo appearance by Molly May, my first baby!

Have a wonderful Thursday!


  1. I'm 23 weeks pregnant with my first baby and so I'm enjoying following along! I have a lot to learn still about babies.

    1. Thanks so much for reading! Let me know if you have any specific questions. I hope you're feeling good!