Thursday, 18 June 2015

Baby Talk: Henry's 7 Week Update

It's Thursday which means today's post is dedicated to Henry's weekly update! I plan on switching to monthly updates once we hit 8 weeks…. you're welcome.

I feel like we were out and about a lot this past week which means we used all of our favourite travel items including our UPPABaby Vista, our Beco Gemini carrier and our LL Bean Tote bag.

We recently moved Henry to the snug seat in the UPPAbaby and he seems to really love being able to look around. I do find the waist straps impossible to tighten and while I'm sure he isn't going to jump out, I would love to figure out how to get him in the seat a bit more securely. Any UPPA users have any tips?

I had grand plans to wear Henry all the time but it turns out he is a big fan of the stroller so I only ever really put him in the carrier when it makes sense, which is mostly just when I want to have free two hands or we're going on an "urban hike". I did a ton of research when choosing a baby carrier and ended up going with the Beco Gemini over the Ergo 360 as it doesn't require an infant insert and it was slightly cheaper. So far I am thrilled with my choice and Henry seems to love the carrier so it's a win-win. In fact, the little guy likes to hold my finger while we're walking - adorable, right?

The LL Bean Tote was a gift from my sister-in-law and I love how it can fit all of Henry's stuff and trust me, he has a lot! I also love the monogram, I smile every time I see our little guy's initials.

Every week Henry becomes more and more aware of his surroundings and he is really beginning to recognize faces and voices which is so fun! We are still spending a lot of time on the play mat and on the floor in his bedroom. Henry never stays in one spot which means he can never, ever be left alone. I think he is going to be on the move at a young age… can't wait! 

The Baby Bjorn chair continues to be a favourite in this house, especially if he has a sight line to the TV! We realized last week that Henry loves to watch TV which means I need to be a bit more conscious of what's on the screen when I'm feeding him. I know screen time should be limited but at this point, I'm not too concerned about it.

On the postpartum front, I am feeling good! I am following my fitness plan, making modifications as needed. I am starting to feel stronger on my runs and in spin class which is amazing motivation to keep going. As are the new workout clothes that I bought!

Have a wonderful day!

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