Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Fashion Fix: Current Lust List

After a few weeks of total exhaustion and many, many late-night Google sessions, I implemented a nap / bedtime routine which has made a huge difference in Henry's sleep and my sanity. The sleep topic is a post for another day but I do finally find that I have some free time in the evening and of course, I use this time productively by online shopping / browsing.

Here are some items that I'm lusting over this week, both for Henry and for me! I have already purchased a few of these items (don't tell Mike!) and have a few waiting in my virtual shopping carts. Online shopping is so dangerous now that I'm home all day long to accept packages.

For Henry!

 Locs Mocs, $60.00: Like all yuppy parents, I love putting leather moccasins on my baby and beyond just looking cute, they actually stay on Henry's wiggly feet! Locs Mocs is based in Toronto and has the most adorable two-tone moccasins, I just need to decide on what colour combo to get.
 Joe Fresh Sleeveless One-Piece, $8: You can't beat the price of this easy, breezy one-piece. I love dressing Henry in one-pieces as I find it so much easier for the many, many diaper changes that we do everyday.

GAP Stripe Tank Bodysuit: $14.95: This bodysuit just screams summer to me and I love how it is sleeveless, perfect for keeping Henry cool and a great way to show off his cute, chubby arms.

Zara Printed Leggings, $12.90: Zara has some of the cutest and most affordable baby clothes out there and these leggings are no exception. What I love about Zara is that the styles and patterns are a bit different from what you'd find at GAP and Old Navy and since everyone's wardrobe needs some variety, I'd love to snag these pants for H. 

Old Navy Striped Oxford One-Piece, $16.50: We already have a few of these Old Navy plaid rompers but I think they're the cutest and totally make me think of my husband's dress shirts! I love dressing Henry like a little man and these rompers make it easy. 

For me!

Gold nameplate necklace, $80.00: This was my Mother's Day gift from Mike and Henry and I wear it every single day, I just love it. The quality is fantastic and I love how I can layer it with a second nameplate down the road.

Old Navy Pique Mesh Shorts, $9.00: While Lululemon is the holy grail when it comes to workout clothes, my budget doesn't allow me to buy everything Lulu so I have learnt to cut corners on certain items. For me that means running shorts, socks and some tanks. These Old Navy shorts are fantastic for the price, come in so many fun prints and don't ride up when you're running - the perfect trifecta!

Joe Fresh Print Softie Pants, $29.00: My husband is convinced that "soft pants" are basically pyjamas but that isn't stopping me from rocking them all summer long. I mostly pair mine with tanks and sandals for strolls with the stroller and I'd love to add this Joe Fresh pair to my collection.

Joe Fresh Slim Light Wash Jeans, $17.00: Confession: I bought these on Sunday night. I'd been eyeing them for days and decided to hit purchase when they got marked down almost 50%! I like how they can be dressed up or down and I think they'll be a nice change from my white skinny jeans (which finally fit me again!! #humblebrag).
Anyone have any recent fashion finds to add? What colour mocs should I get Master Henry?

Have a great day!

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