Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Fashion Fix: The Quest for the Perfect "Mom" Shirt

I am currently on maternity leave from my job at a PR agency where dressing professionally was something I enjoyed. Most days, I put together cute and stylish outfits, complete with nicely styled hair, natural looking make-up and matching shoes. These days I am lucky if I blow dry my hair and my make-up "routine" consists of bb cream, mascara and concealer. 

Stylish and cute at 20 weeks pregnant
Tired and frumpy at 6 weeks pp
In addition to being short on time, my days have totally changed and it is time that I shift my wardrobe to meet the demands of life with a newborn. I still want to be stylish but dry clean only clothes are just not a good fit with baby spit-up. I am also still slightly bigger than I'd like to be so I am not looking to invest in transitional pieces but I also need to stop rotating through the same two outfits.

I love the idea of creating a capsule wardrobe, especially since I really don't need many things, I just need the right things to fit my lifestyle. At the moment, I don't have the energy to purge and organize a capsule wardrobe but it's something that I'd love to do in the fall.
Capsule wardrobe inspiration via Pinterest. 
The first items that I am looking to add to my "mom wardrobe" are t-shirts. An obvious choice as these are a staple, machine washable and work with jeans or shorts. Why is this staple so darn hard to find? It could be because I am a Goldilocks when it comes to t-shirts - I am looking for something long but not too long, tight but not too tight… you get the idea.

I've rounded up some options from my favourite budget friendly stores, bonus points for those that ship directly to my house, ideally for free!

Any other suggestions on where to find cute and comfortable t-shirts? A loose fit is key (but not TOO loose) as I am trying to hide my mommy pooch.

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  1. I love that white tee from Gap. I am a sucker for anything with eyelets!