Monday, 15 June 2015

The Fourth Trimester: Fitness Plan

I had never heard of the fourth trimester, the idea that the baby's first three months of life should be an extension of the womb, until I got pregnant. While most of the focus of this trimester is on the baby, much of it also applies to the mother who is recovering from pregnancy and childbirth. My interpretation of the fourth trimester is that I need to be kind to myself, both emotionally and physically. 

Before getting pregnant I worked out at least five days a week doing everything from spin classes to intense weight training to speedy 10km runs. Running was my absolute favourite way to sweat, I ran three half-marathons and a full in my late 20's. Once I got pregnant I pretty much gave up all exercise, my number one goal was to have a healthy baby and I didn't care what the scale said (it was a high number!) or how much muscle tone I lost (basically all of it!). 

38 weeks pregnant!
Right after finishing the marathon, so exhausted!
Now that Henry is here and he is healthy, happy and thriving, I am ready to get back to working out. I miss the endorphin rush, I miss feeling good in my clothes and I miss the energy from the gym. As much as I would love to jump right back to where I was, I know it is going to take time to get back to where I was and patience will be key. As a new mom, my time is limited but I'm beyond lucky to have a ton of help from family and Henry will be able to start going to the childcare at our gym once he hits 12 weeks.

I've developed a fitness plan that is realistic and will hopefully get me back to where I was. As much as I'd love to get back to my wedding weight, as I'm sure we all would, I am going to focus on being as healthy as possible, keeping in mind the fourth trimester principles.

Postpartum Fitness Plan:

Mon, Wed & Fri - 60 minutes spin class. What I love about spin is that I can go as hard or as easy as I want. After a long night the last thing I want to do is really push it, but I do feel better if I at least get out of the house and break a bit of a sweat.

Tues & Sat - Rest. These two days are dedicated to recovery so that means the most that I will do is go for a walk.

Thurs & Sun - 35 minute run and light weights / toning exercises. I miss my long runs but they're just not in the cards at the moment as they feel too hard on my body. 35 minutes seems to be my sweet spot right now and I plan on staying away from intense running until I see a pelvic floor specialist, just to ensure everything is ok. I really hate doing weights but I know they are so important so I usually do the Nike Training App workouts or a quick 15 minute workout from Pinterest.

I am hoping that this fitness plan, along with a healthy diet will help me lose these last five pregnancy pounds but most of all, I am hoping it will help me get stronger. The last year has been such a ride and the reward is amazing but I think it is important that I dedicate a bit of time getting myself back on track. 

I will be sure to keep you all posted on how it goes as I plan on sharing fitness posts quite regularly, hope you all like to chat about workouts!

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