Thursday, 2 July 2015

Baby Talk: Music for Infants

When Henry was about a month old we discovered that he loves music and as he gets older, his reaction to music increases, which is amazing to watch. To encourage Henry we play music all the time, especially during play time, in the car and at bedtime. Our little guys loves to kick his feet and laugh along to his favourite tunes!

Rockin' out to Sharon, Lois and Bram
Initially we were playing music for the baby off of our iPhones but quickly realized that we needed a more permanent solution, ideally one that wasn't battery powered. Thanks to my mum we now have a tiny stereo that sits in the corner of Henry's room, along with a collections of "must-have" children's CDs.

We have had a lot of fun choosing CDs for Henry's collection, mostly going for the classics that my husband and I remember listening to as kids. This especially helps for the singing along portion of the music listening!

Perfect for bath time! Our current favourite tune is "Down by the Bay"
This is Henry's bedtime CD, I need to buy a few more as we all know this one by memory now.
Can't beat the classics!
Another childhood favourite that we're so excited to share with our son.

Anyone have any suggestions of what we should add to Henry's music library?

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