Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Baby Talk: Thoughts on the Solly Baby Wrap

When I first started researching carriers, I liked the idea of a wrap but was really intimated with all the fabric and didn't think that it would be secure enough for my baby. I can hardly wrap a gift, how would I be able to wrap my baby?!? 

I finally decided to order the Solly wrap after reading a ton of reviews, watching many You Tube videos and if I'm being honest, seeing the wrap all over my Instagram feed. When I first got the Solly in the mail I was convinced that I would never use it. I truly didn't think that this "scarf" would properly hold my newborn. 

Solly baby wrap in mint
When Henry arrived he was smaller than we anticipated and because of this, we couldn't use the structured carrier for the first month. Now, as all moms know, newborns want to be held ALL DAY long and while it is amazing, it can also be exhausting. When Henry was a few days old my husband went into the office and in desperation, I strapped the baby to my chest using the Solly and it was heaven!

5 day old Henry in the newborn carry
I will admit that it took me a few tries to properly wrap the baby but once I got the straps tight enough, it was perfect! Henry spent many fussy afternoon strapped to my chest in the newborn carry where he would peacefully nap and I would enjoy having both my hands free.

I especially liked using the wrap during the newborn days as it keeps the baby away from germs - I will never forget when a neighbour's son put the his fingers in Henry's mouth when he was less than a week old. We obviously both survived but after that I was much more comfortable keeping the baby strapped to me and out of reach! 

Now that Henry is a bit older, we tend to use the Beco carrier as it allows him to look around and provides me with some much needed back support. That being said, the Solly is still a great option for when Henry is due for a nap as it really allows him to cuddle against my chest which we both love.

11 week old Henry in the classic carry
We will be taking Henry on his first place ride at the end of the month and I plan on bringing both our carriers - we will use the Beco around the airport but once we get on the plane, I plan on strapping Henry in the Solly where I hope he'll sleep (wishful thinking!).

For any expecting / new moms who are nervous about trying a wrap, I really encourage you to give it a try. It is a great way to bond with your baby and the perfect second carrier.

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  1. Hey Aly,
    I just did my first flight with my son Orion at 14weeks and it went over quite well a bit of crying going up and down but that was to be expected. Just wanted to give you the heads up as I didn't know that during take off and landing babies arnt allowed to be in their carriers but it's great to use them if it's a longer flight as once you are up in the air they can be settled into them and have a nap for the flight 😀