Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Fitness Fashion: Legging Love

Despite my best intentions to always wear "real clothes" I do wear athletic clothes more days than I should admit. Sometimes I don't have time to shower and change after my workout (gross but true) and other days I just don't feel like squeezing into my still too tight clothes. 

I recently read an article that dubbed the act of wearing workout clothes all day as trendy! Finally a trend that a tired and slightly frumpy mom can keep up with!

To help inspire others to embrace the "athleisure" trend I wanted to share a round-up of my favourite fitness fashions, starting with leggings. Unless I'm running outside in the summer months I always wear tight capris / leggings to work out in. I like leggings because they're flattering (just get the right size), cover everything during floor exercises and work in all four seasons.

While there is no denying that Lululemon is expensive, the quality is amazing. If washed properly a pair of Lulu pants should last you years! I love the subtle pattern on these ankle length pants.

Old Navy has really upped their athletic game in the last year. The quality is amazing for the price and I love the funky patterns that they keep coming out with.

I feel like adidas is a brand that is often overlooked when it comes to athletic wear but I find their capris / leggings to be fantastic. They fit me very well and the prints are!

As you can probably tell, I love patterned pants but everyone needs a great pair of black athletic capris and leggings in their "athleisure" wardrobe. I've had great experience with the Fabletic gear although I really wish that it wasn't subscription based, I am horrible at remembering to skip months.

Anyone have any favourite athletic leggings to share? I am always on the look out for new options!

I promise to share my thoughts on athletic tops next week.

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