Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Fitness Talk: Goal Setting

As my fitness continues to grow and with Henry finally being old enough to go to the gym daycare, I am feeling the itch to set some fitness related goals. While I'd love to aim high and really challenge my body, I want to be realistic and actually set goals that I will achieve. I'm a competitive person so goal setting works well for me but I do also need to constantly remind myself that my body is still recovering.

Let's start with the vain goals - I have a whole bunch of size 2 JCrew clothing in my closet that I can barely squeeze myself into. While the bottoms zip, they leave some unsightly bulges which means they really can't be worn in public. I think that I'm close to my pre-pregnancy weight but I am certainly carrying some extra meat in my stomach and my booty (photographic evidence below).

Sadly, I know that I can't shrink specific parts of the body but I do know that diet plays a huge part so I plan on eating whole foods as much as possible. I refuse to totally deprive myself but I am doing my best to be conscious of what I'm putting in my body, which really, I should be doing all the time anyway.

My short term goal is to fit into my entire closet while my long term goal is slightly more ambitious - I want to train and run a half-marathon in October. I've tackled the half-marathon distance three times before but never while juggling a baby, sleep deprivation and my husband's crazy work schedule. That being said, I know that finishing the race is totally in the cards but finishing anywhere close to my previous times (always sub-2 hours) is never going to happen.

Motivational tank via Forever 21
After many, many months off from running training needs to start next week. I am nervous but excited about this new goal and now that I've shared it with all of you, I better do it!

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