Friday, 10 July 2015

Friday Faves!

Happy Friday, friends!

Fridays used to mean long lunches and after work cocktails, these days they mean play group and a take out dinner but I'll take it! Especially since Henry's wake-up time keeps getting earlier (5 a.m.!), not later.

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The silver lining of my early wake-ups is that Henry goes down for a great morning nap which gives me time to blog, yeah! 

This week I'm excited to share a few of my current favourite things, from fitness to baby to food!

The Nike Training Club and Nike Running apps are the only two fitness apps that I have on my phone and they get a lot of use! What I love about both of these apps is that they're great for when you're working out on your own and they really motivate me to push harder. In workout classes I always go all out but when I'm alone at the gym, I don't have the same motivation. 

The NTC is a great butt kicker and they have workouts that will challenge all fitness levels. Note for newbies, the workouts are HARD! I am currently rocking the beginner workouts and when I was in my "prime" I could only handle the intermediate ones.

The Nike Running app is great for tracking your distance, pace and route. It is basic but totally does the job and I use it on every run.

Baby Talk:
H has started grasping toys in the last few days which is a very exciting milestone! This morning he even shook his Oball from side to side (#advanced!). While the Oball Rattle is a favourite, I'm looking to add these Nuby play links to our toy box. They are only $3 on Amazon and perfect for throwing in the diaper bag. Plus, I love the bright colours!

The T house is still gluten free (for the most part!) so I'm always on the lookout for new recipes, especially ones that don't involve salad.... we eat A LOT of salad. Dessert can be especially challenging so I was very excited when I saw a recipe on the Annex Kitchen for a paleo, low-carb strawberry shortcake. Sounds interesting, right? I am going to make it this weekend so I'll report back! Check Insta for a photo!

Me Time:
Confession time - I haven't read a book since Henry was born. I have "flipped" through a few baby books and devoured my share of celeb rags at the nail salon but my e-reader has been dead for months. Given my hiatus, I am giving myself permission to ease back in with Elin Hildebrand's new chick lit.

Anyone have any Friday Faves to share? I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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