Friday, 17 July 2015

Friday Fun: Booze and Blooms!

Today I wanted to talk about two of my favourite things - cocktails (booze!) and blooms, when combined these two things are any woman's dream! Personally, I would love to host a flower arranging cocktail party but for right now, I'll settle for "hosting" a virtual one by sharing some ideas. Grab a cocktail (or coffee!) and join the fun!

Flower arranging party via Pinterest
To make things easy, let's start with signature cocktails - my motto with these is make something that tastes and looks fancy but can be made in a big batch. No one wants to wait for their drink while you rim the glass with himalayan sea salt or meticulously shake their cocktail. Be sure to offer non-alcoholic options as well, nothing worse than being offered lukewarm tap water because you're pregnant or driving!

Image via Pinterest
Two batch cocktails that have my mouth watering at the moment are a grilled pineapple mojito and a simple summertime sangria. Both sound delicious, easy to put together and relatively inexpensive, perfect for a group.

Grilled pineapple mojito - recipe via The Kitchn
Simple summertime sangria - recipe via Olive & Tate
Since I'm all about the details, I would serve the cocktails in decorative mason jars with colourful paper straws. Part of party prep would involve setting up a "bar" with the cocktail pitcher, glasses, napkins and straws so guests can help themselves without hesitation.

Image via Pinterest
For the flower part of the evening I'd love to have guests create their own summer flower arrangement using fresh blooms and dollar store vases. Flower arranging can be overwhelming so the step-by-step directions from Style Me Pretty would come in handy!

Image via Style Me Pretty
For those who are keen to take home a giftable arrangement, bouquets can be arranged and then wrapped in craft paper. Cupcakes and Cashmere has a wonderful tutorial on how to do this - it is so simple yet so elegant.

Image via Cupcakes and Cashmere
And that's it! Now that I've written this all out, I am even more keen to host a flower arranging / cocktail party, ideally before the cooler weather hits. I better start planning!

Image from a wine shower I hosted last year
I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Love this! The pineapple mojito and summer sangria sound SO REFRESHING! Might have to try both of those soon!

    1. Thanks, Nicole! Let me know how the cocktails work out for you, I am making the pineapple mojito ASAP!