Wednesday, 8 July 2015

On Making Mommy Friends

Ever since having Henry I have felt a huge shift in my social life. I knew that things would change once I had a baby but the change that I feel from being part of the working world to being at home is monumental. I can go entire days without speaking to another adult and I feel like I haven't worn my "nice clothes" in months, which is probably true.

Being at home with a baby I've discovered a whole new group of people, the "moms". In the ten short weeks since having Henry I've met a huge range of moms including:

The experienced mom: Mom to two or more kids, knows all the "right" things to do in the 'hood, has and knows how to use all the "right" gear and is the Queen Bee of the playgroup, naturally. This mom  always has perfect hair and baby is always appropriately dressed.

The working mom: In Canada we're entitled to one year of maternity leave and almost every one takes advantage of every second that they have off. That being said, I have met a few moms who have gone back part time or are working from home. Nannies and daycare dominate the conversation with these moms.

The granola mom: Let's just call this group the "breast is best" crew. Henry is formula fed and for weeks I was ashamed that I didn't breastfeed beyond six weeks, especially when it's the first question I get asked. I've come to terms with it but let's just say, the granola mom crew is not my favourite.

The doing my best mom: I fall firmly in this camp. Henry is my first baby and I'm just doing my best to ensure we both make it through the day happy and healthy. Some days I look put together and other days I'm rocking day three hair and head-to-toe Lululemon. I'm honest about the ups and downs.

I have found the mom demographic to be quite cliquey and it can be really hard to determine where you fit. I am doing my best to branch out and chat with everyone, especially since I'm quite desperate to make some mom friends. I have to admit that while everyone I've met is very friendly, I do wish that navigating playgroup came with a map but just like having a baby, it's something that I just need to figure out as I go along.

This video from Similac (yes, the formula company!) is an oldie but really does depict the range of "moms".

To my mom readers, any other "moms" that you've come across?

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