Monday, 17 August 2015

An addition to the fleet

After weeks of research and careful consideration, I bit the bullet and bought a running stroller to add to our "fleet" of baby vehicles. When I was pregnant I knew I wanted a running stroller but I decided to hold out and see how I felt once Henry arrived. 

For a few weeks I didn't feel like I needed one as I would take Henry to the gym daycare and jump on the treadmill but once I decided to train for the half-marathon things changed. In order to properly train I really need to run outside on a consistent basis and my options were to run around Mike's schedule which basically meant 5 a.m. (um, no way!) or 10 p.m. (past my bedtime) or to get a running stroller. Guess which option I chose?

As we already have the Uppa Baby Vista, I really didn't want to pay full price for a running stroller, especially since it would only be used a few times a week. After doing some extensive research I decided on a BOB. I didn't really care which model of BOB - the Revolution is better for day-to-day use as the front isn't locked making it easier to turn while the Sport Utility and Ironman have locked front wheels making them better for strictly running. 

I then hit Kijiji to see what kind of deal I could find. I wanted something newish and under $200. I came across a ton of options but ended up going with a gently used BOB Sport Utility Stroller. It has a bit of rust and a touch of sun fading but I can live with it since it retails for $450 and I got it for $175!

The above photos are from the ad - looks good, right? I will admit that the stroller was a touch dirty but that didn't deter me from the deal! When I got home I gave it a serious scrub down (think car wash) before taking Henry for a test ride in his new stroller. I think he's a fan.

So far we've only done a 3 mile run with the stroller but I really like it! Running with a stroller is certainly more challenging and I don't plan on pushing it for my long runs but I love it for shorter jaunts. It's such an amazing feeling to just strap Henry in and go.

This was my first Kijiji purchase EVER and I know it won't be my last. I would really encourage you to check it out for gently used strollers, there are some great deals and remember, everything can and should be cleaned!

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  1. Great find - Henry looks very happy with his new "wheels"! You've inspired us to scour Kijiji for deals.