Sunday, 30 August 2015

Fit Talk: Half-Marathon Training

I'm now a few weeks into training for my half and wanted to give you guys a quick update on how it is going. In one word - HARD!

I didn't run at all during pregnancy and I gained 30 pounds so my fitness has taken quite the beating over the past year. I knew that I was starting from a low point but the climb back has been a serious challenge. To keep me on course I have two training partners - the Nike Running App and a fellow mom friend. 

Accountability is key for me as it is really easy to bail on a run when Henry is having a hard day, I'm tired or the weather is crappy. I'm doing my best to have solutions for all of these excuses thanks to gym daycare, the running stroller and copious amounts of coffee.

The runs themselves have been okay. I've been pleasantly surprised by my pace with stroller (9:30 minute miles) and the fact that the long runs aren't totally gutting me. I'm following the beginning plan to the best of my ability but basically ignoring all points about speed / hill work. Since most of my runs are done with the stroller I consider that to be enough of a workout.

I still have seven weeks until the half-marathon and while I know that I'll be able to finish, I know my time won't be any close to my past races. I'm trying my best to be okay with this and to just focus on the finish.

Any mom runners have any tips to share?

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