Monday, 10 August 2015

Baby Travel Tips: Taking Flight!

 I had major anxiety about taking Henry on a plane. He is an amazing baby but I had heard horror stories of screaming and crying (from both mom and baby!) that I was convinced he was going to cry the whole time. He was a perfect angel but the stress was worth it as I meticulously planned and packed our gear. I'm so happy that I came prepared so I wanted to share some tips in case any of you are planning a plane trip with your babe.

Tip 1 - Wear your baby:
We love the Beco Gemini carrier!
I wore Henry from the second we arrived at the airport until I had to take him out of the carrier on the plane (stupid rule but what can you do). This meant that both of my hands were free and Henry was happily sleeping on my chest or staring at other travellers. Much to my surprise I didn't have to take him out at security, they simply swiped the carrier and sent us on our way.

Tip 2 - Check as much as you can:
It was hard for my husband to accept but the days of carry-on travel are over. Babies require a lot of stuff and it is shockingly heavy! We took advantage of my husband's status and checked four bags - a huge suitcase, the travel crib, the car seat and the stroller. While we could have gate checked the stroller I didn't see the point as Henry is happy in the carrier and I didn't want to lug the stroller through the terminal for no reason. I did end up buying the travel bag for our stroller - totally overpriced but much cheaper than a new stroller. Another option would be to just buy a cheapie umbrella stroller, I've heard amazing things about the Summer Infant 3D flip stroller.

Tip 3 - Strategically pack your carry-on:
Packing a carry-on when travelling with a baby is an incredibly strategic process. You need to be able to easily access supplies, usually with one hand and you have to be able to carry the bag, plus your baby.

Kate Spade diaper bag
I packed my diaper bag with tons of diapers, wipes, two prepared bottles, a back-up outfit, bibs and two blankets. I also naively brought a book that I didn't open until I got to the cottage. I tried to keep things "together" so that I could easily reach for whatever I needed or direct Mike where to look. The best thing I did was put diapers, wipes and the change pad in a ziplock bag so I didn't need to take the whole bag to the bathroom when Henry needed a change. Such an easy thing to do but it made all the difference.

Tip 4 - Dress for success:
Traveling with your baby is not the time to wear white jeans and wedges. Go for comfortable and easy-to-clean clothes, for both you and baby! I almost never take Henry out of the house in sleepers but it was the best choice for travel as he was comfortable and warm (planes are always cold!). If your baby takes a pacifier make sure it is clipped to the baby for easy access.

Joe Fresh sleeper
Avent pacifier

Adurable pacifier clip

Any tips to add?

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  1. My baby is due in October and we will be traveling with him a lot. I'm nervous but these are the things I've already planned on doing. Glad to know they worked! :)