Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Stylish Dribble Bibs

Over the past week Henry has started drooling like crazy. I think it's too early for teeth (he's not even four months) which means I will be dealing with drool for months to come! 

Since I already do enough laundry, I've started putting bibs on Henry all day, every day. Some days we go through five or six bibs! Because of this, and the fact that I'm vain and want Henry to look cute, I'm looking at getting some bandana bibs to catch his drool. There are so many adorable options, here are some my favourites!

Love the assorted patterns and the fact that these bibs are long, hoping that means I would get some longevity out of them.

These are handmade in Canada by Etsy shop SweetSewingbyJen which is always a win and the price is quite good. Plus, the sweet patterns, how would I choose? I'm partial to the sailboats and the flamingos (for Henry's cousin Anabel!).

 This bib is another adorable Etsy find. Love the pattern but not sure I can wrap my head around paying so much for a piece of material! Gorgeous nonetheless.
I love Marks & Spencer baby clothes - the few items that we have are stylish and functional, the perfect combination. I think these bibs would be perfect but sadly, the trek across the pond isn't happening any time soon.

Any other mamas constantly dealing with drool? I feel like Henry's the only one at playgroup with constant dribble!

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