Thursday, 13 August 2015

Thursday Thoughts: Mom Brain Edition

I have a confession to make - I am suffering from total mom brain. Ever since getting pregnant I forget simple things, confuse basic words and always call people by the wrong name. Considering I was horrible at names before getting pregnant this really doesn't bode well for my reputation.

Since Henry is a great sleeper, I can't blame sleep deprivation (although my Suits obsession isn't helping things) so I am going to blame it on the fact that I'm always thinking of a dozen things at once. Training for the half, planning Henry's baptism, folding the mountain of laundry, finally cleaning out my closet, making a healthy and gluten-free dinner... the list goes on.

I decided to give you all a glimpse into what I'm thinking about on this beautiful Wednesday morning. Warning - it's totally random!

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I love the look of this baby's breath centrepiece and think it would be great for the luncheon after Henry's baptism. I plan on keeping things really simple (for me!) and I'll be DIYing everything so I'm aiming low. This arrangement looks like it couldn't be easier, plus baby's breath is relatively inexpensive, music to Mike's ears! I wonder if I need floral foam though... I'll need to give this arrangement a test run.

I have a thing for vests, specifically this one from JCrew but I have to admit that vests confuse me. When do I wear them and what do I wear underneath?

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I am constantly looking for healthy recipes, ideally ones that only serve one person. I made a batch meal this week and I am pretty sure I won't be able to look at curry for months, I need more variety in my life. I like the idea of making a few different jar salads at the beginning of the week, we'll see if I can put it into practice.

Question - who do jumpsuits look good on? I really want one but I think I'm too hippy (in the bad way) and nowhere near cool enough to pull one off. I may take a gamble on this Forever 21 one but help me out!

Sorry for the randomness of this post! Thanks for sticking with me, even with my baby brain. Does it ever get better?

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  1. I absolutely LOVE vests in the winter! I have a dark grey Polartec one that I wear with jeans or darker casual pants. I tend to wear long-sleeved, lighter weight shirts underneath since I'm layering. They are soooo cozy. I might just have to add the one you posted to my wishlist! :)