Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Shades of Grey Home Office

Right now our home office is a tiny corner in our somewhat finished basement which means it is rarely used. More often than not papers and laptops are spread all over the dining room table and since I will be returning to work soon, we need a dedicated space for working - thankfully the new house has a dedicated office! Since I'll be using this space much more than Mike, I've decided to make it my personal decorating challenge. The goal is to keep it budget friendly and functional as it may become a kid's room down the road.

Here's what we're starting with:

The walls are an off-grey / sage colour so not my first choice but we're working with them for now.

My whole vision for the room started with this beautiful leopard fabric. We'll be using these for the roman window shades. Mike doesn't know that yet but he'll find out soon enough!

The room currently has a builder basic light that I would love to replace with something fun! This chandelier is funky and a great price point. I'd love to do brass but everything in the house is nickel so I think I need to stick with that.

I really wanted a moroccan shag rug for the family room but after realizing that it would be ruined in a day I have decided to put one in the office instead. I'm sure that those of you with kids, dogs or husbands are all nodding your heads in a greement!


I had my eye on a beautiful desk from Restoration Hardware but it's crazy expensive so instead I found a knock-off version at Ikea. The best part is that it is only $159! Amazing, right? I wanted something bigger as we have a desktop and I still need room to take notes, display photos, etc.

In the spirit of reusing, I plan on using our hardly sat on living room chair as my desk chair. I love the idea of using an accent chair as a desk chair and the white should nicely tie everything together (in my non-expert opinion).

I still need to determine storage, photos and all those "extras" but I'm happy to have decided on the key pieces. 

What do you all think?

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