Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Loving Lately!

I thought it might be fun to share a quick post of a few things that I'm wearing, eating and loving these days. It's no secret that things are BUSY around here and while I am really enjoying my new role, convenience is key which means everything I'm sharing can be ordered online or made in one pot!

I'm obsessed with these GAP denim joggers that I bought during the last 40% off promo. They're comfy but look pulled together, especially when paired with a button-down. I wore mine cuffed but also love how they look in the above photo. They also come in a lighter colour that I'm tempted to buy!

I love my slow cooker, especially these days as I like to maximize my time working or playing with Henry, no time to waste on cooking! This Paleo recipe from SkinnyTaste is delicious and so easy. I went easy on the spice so that Henry could eat it as well.

My home office is slowly coming together and I love it! The desk is actually a dining table from IKEA - I saw that Erin Gates (Elements of Style) used the same one in her home office so I was sold. I have a fun desk chair (not pictured) that I'm having reupholstered in pink velvet, I'll be sure to share a photo once it is done. I also need some photos, extra storage, etc but my current set-up works for now!

Henry is lucky enough to have a playroom in our basement and while his "stuff" is all over the house, we do try to keep his bigger toys in the basement. His current favourite is a play tunnel from IKEA that he has crawled through no less than 50 times since we brought it home on Sunday. Less than $20 and so much toddler entertainment, I highly recommend!

What are you loving lately? Feel free to share in the comments!

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